Tips to get prepped and pretty in under 10 minutes in the morning

I don’t know about you, but between finalising my outfit for the day and scrambling to make breakfast, I never find myself with loads of time to spend on primping in the mornings. Can you relate to this everyday struggle? I thought so! Luckily, I’m spilling some of my best make-up secrets to get you prepped and pretty in less than 10 minutes!

Apply foundation
Who’s got time for prepping and priming their skin in the mornings? I know I don’t! That’s why I skip that step and head straight to applying foundation. I use a stipple brush to apply it because they get the job done fast and evenly.

Add a dab of concealer
If your skin still needs a bit more coverage in some areas, add a dab of concealer using your fingertip. It’s also a good idea to apply to under your eyes to brighten up tired eyes in a snap.

Brush on some blush
Using a large blush brush, apply just a dusting of a neutral tone blush to the apples of your cheeks, down your nose and the centre of your chin to give your face some dimension.

Set your brows
Filling in your brows with a pencil or powder can take serious time out of your morning, so opt to simply brush a tinted gel through your face-framers to get them looking chic instead. A brow gel will also set your brows to keep them in place all day.

Apply mascara
To perk up your eyes even more, apply mascara to your upper and lower lashes. If you’re a fair-toned girl, you may want to use a dark brown mascara instead of a black one to go with the rest of your toned-down look.

Add a touch of lipstick
Make your lips the star of your look by applying a bright or bold lipstick. If you’re not a loud lip kind of gal, you can choose to apply a clear lip oil or tinted lip balm instead.

Do you have any quick and easy steps to add to my morning make-up routine?

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