We reviewed Lush’s brand-new products

We’ll admit it: We’re borderline problematically obsessed with Lush and have spent years trying their products and perfecting our routine. So, we understand that when you walk into a Lush store and see a plethora of bright new products, it can be overwhelming to choose the best ones. That’s where we come in – we’ve reviewed Lush’s four brand-new bath and body products for you. In short, we fiercely love the scent, colours and vibe of all these products … trust us, you’ll want them all!

Easy Peeler Shower Scrub

Very few things can wake us up in the morning … not even our alarm clock. But the scent of this apeeling body scrub blended with uplifting citrus, natural exfoliators and beautiful butters seems to do the trick. That’s pretty impressive if you ask us, seeing as we usually only crack a smile after two cups of coffee! Packed with natural sugar grains and the cheery trio of juicy Sicilian mandarin oil, bergamot and tangerine oil, you simply take this solid scrub in the shower with you and gently rub it over damp skin. There’s also some apricot kernel oil, mango butter and orange peel wax added to the mix that ensures your skin is left feeling comfortable and protected post-exfoliating. The round shape makes it easy to hold and massage on your skin – just make sure you don’t put too much pressure on it. The result? Exfoliated, hydrated, wonderfully toned and oh-so-refreshed skin with the most deliciously delicate citrus scent! PS: This product is a bit too coarse in terms of texture to use on your face.

Twilight Shower Jelly

Even if you already have a ton of other Lush shower jellies, take our advice and buy this one anyway. Not only is it gorgeous – it looks like a galaxy with colour ranging from dark blue to purple – it’s also packed with (plastic-free) glitters. Twilight is famous for its lavender scent, known for its soothing, calming effects, so this is an ideal jelly to use at nighttime (especially when you’re feeling stressed or anxious, or are looking to improve your quality of sleep). As you lather up with it, your senses will wander and explore the twilight zone as soothing and warming tonka absolute wrap you in a comforting blanket. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it? Even better, it leaves a sweet musky fragrance on your skin. There are different ways to use a Lush shower jelly – directly on your skin, on your loofah or by grabbing the whole jelly. Our personal favourite way to use it is on my loofah: Simply wet the loofah and swirl it over the jelly to create some foam. This is also probably the most economical way to use it.

American Cream Pressed Conditioner

How exciting! Lush’s most popular liquid conditioner has had a travel-friendly makeover and shed the plastic form. The first thing we noticed about this pressed conditioner was that the scent is slightly removed from the regular American Cream we all know and love, but there’s still the fabulously warm and mildly fruity presence of the fresh strawberry juice, orange and agave syrup, coupled with the sumptuous milkshake scent of vanilla that this aroma is known for. Another thing … the clary sage is more dominant than it’s been in any other variations, but we love that it’s slightly more herbal. After shampooing, rub this pink bar through wet hands to create a conditioning cream or, if you’re looking for even more moisture, work it straight onto wet hair before rinsing. It doesn’t release a lot of lather so you can’t really feel it once it’s been applied, but the results you’ll heed are incredible. A little bit of faith goes a long way, resulting in soft and smooth locks with a healthy shine!

Cookie Dough Lip Scrub

Yes, you read correctly … and yes, it’s as good as it sounds! We mean, who wouldn’t want to polish their pout with a lip scrub that smells and tastes like cookie dough? Made with a combination of coarse granulated sugar and super-fine sea salt and an intriguing blend of vanilla, almond essential oil, carob and fir balsam, it has a mouthwatering baked goods flavour and is completely safe to eat. There are absolutely no harmful ingredients inside – just edible ones! This lip scrub also contains shea butter, toasted hazelnut and pistachio oils that create the buttery biscuit base of this lip-smacking treat. Scoop out a little with your finger, carefully scrub your lips with it and then lick your lips. By scrubbing your lips, you make them soft and smooth plus combat dead skin and generally chapped lips. This lip scrub also works wonders to make your lips feel hydrated and protected!

If you’ve tried any of these new products from Lush, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. PS: You can shop in store or online at za.lush.com.

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