Dreamy ways to display flowers in your home

Just because it’s no longer spring or summer doesn’t mean you should stop decorating your home with gorgeous blooms. The next time you treat yourself to a bunch of supermarket flowers or that special someone surprises you with beautiful buds from the florist, do those lovely stems some justice. These are some of our favourite ways to stylishly display flowers in our home to add a little bit of magic in every room.


On your coffee table

If there’s one place you should always have a vase of flowers, it’s on your coffee table. Cut the flowers short and place them in a round vase. You can then style your coffee table with a combination of flowers, books and trays. We think white or pink flowers work best, as they blend in easily with a neutral interior.


In a floor vase

Floor vases are a wonderful way of turning a dull and forgotten corner into the focal point of the room. Put an oversized vase of flowers on the floor to instantly make a room more artistic or to add a little drama. We recommend putting the vase next to your couch or statement mirror in your living room.


In your bathroom

Incorporating fresh, aromatic and lively flowers into your bathroom décor will make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa. Bathrooms usually don’t get enough natural light for many popular flowers, but ones that will thrive flowers include orchids, begonias, peace lilies and azaleas.


Reusing different bottles as vases

There are many different bottles you can reuse to make some of the coolest, prettiest vases. Fill each bottle with pretty flowers – any colour or shape will do to make our home look modern and artsy. Our top tip is to reuse perfume or wine bottles that you can transform into vases.


Mixing fruit and flowers

Mix up traditional floral arrangements by placing flowers in a vase and matching fruits in another. You can also add matching fruits and vegetables in a vase of flowers to make a creative corner in your home. They add a dept of colour, texture and uniqueness that can transform any arrangement into a bold design.


In suitcases or trunks

This one will definitely make you think outside the vase! You’ve probably never thought of it, but displaying flowers in a suitcase or trunk will take a DIY floral arrangement to the next level. Simply fill a vintage suitcase with pastel coloured flowers like hydrangeas, lisianthus and snapdragon and voilà!

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