How to fragrance every room in the house

The best home scents don’t only add some warmth and heavenly aromas to your home, but also make a real difference to your mood – and even help complete the interior of a room. We’ve gathered gorgeous fragrances from candles to diffusers that add plenty of ‘oomph’ to a space for an instant and effortless update.

Bedroom: Vencasa Sense Fragrance Pack

For sweet dreams, try this fragrance pack that includes a candle, diffuser and pillow spray. Sweet vanilla from Madagascar and dark ember from Persia will lull you to sleep and put you in a better mood.

R799 from Vencasa-Tempur showrooms and Vencasa Pillowbars

Bathroom: The French Lemon Signature Scent Soy Wax Candle

Not only is this candle 100% natural, vegan, cruelty-free and eco-friendly, but the warmed oil can be directly massaged into your skin, leaving it soft, smooth and pleasantly scented.

R250 (small) or R400 (large) from

Living room: Africology Neroli Room Diffuser

From the moment you open the beautiful bottle of this essential oil room diffuser, a rich, floral scent with citrussy overtones fills your space and calms your mind. This is just the thing to make a new house feel like home!

R695 from Africology spas or online at

Dining room: Sorbet Home Orient Artisanal Scented Candle

R399 from Sorbet salons

Patio: Theravine Oceanic Room Mist

Bring a touch of the ocean to your home with a spritz of this luxurious room spray made with an enticing blend of botanicals – think lemon, cardamom seeds and cedarwood.

R210 from

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