Long-lasting, must-have summer fragrances

Hot days call for cool summer scents, from citrus notes of orange blossom to honeysuckle and white magnolia. We’re swapping out the warm and sensual for crisper, sparkling, more refreshing smells for summer. These are our top 10 energising fragrances that bottle up the season for a much-needed summertime refresh. You’ll love wearing them!

1. YSL Libre 

The seemingly simple bottle is so stylish, it’s almost intimidating. The effortlessly elegant design featuring sexy golden chains and a tailored signature that cuts the figure of a sharp tuxedo jacket complements the chic scent found inside: A balanced blend of an intertwining bouquet of Moroccan orange blossom and jasmine that opens with warm and glittering citrus sparks followed by a tart cassis effect that illuminates the dewy mandarin. The unexpected contrast comes here in the form of lavender, which merges seamlessly to create a sweet, plush feeling that smells luxurious and smooth.

Priced from R1,060 to R2,050 from Edgars, Woolworths, Foschini and Truworths

2. Gucci Mémoire D’une Odeur

If you’re in the mood for fun (who isn’t during summer?), fuel your shenanigans with a mist of Gucci’s first universal fragrance that explores the intrinsic link between memory and scent. This unusual fragrance has top notes of Roman chamomile and bitter almond, middle notes of coral jasmine, jasmine petals and musk, and base notes of vanilla, cedarwood and sandalwood for a unique scent that dazzles and delights everyone. You’ll walk into a room and have people wondering, “Who is she?”

Priced from R1,195 to R2,225 from Edgars, Woolworths, Foschini and Truworths

3. Berdoues Collection Grands Crus Somei Yoshino

In case you needed another reason to get excited about summer, this delicate perfume of cherry blossom has just launched in South Africa and embodies the freshness that comes with life in Japan in the springtime. It’s the perfect mix of shiso from Japan, jasmine sambac from India and patchouli from Indonesia that meld into a harmoniously balanced floral bouquet. The exceedingly cute cherry blossom print adorning the bottle is as good a reason as any to want it in your daily lineup.

R1,595 from select Foschini stores

4. Jimmy Choo Floral

The Jimmy Choo perfume lineup started as a lighter, delicate floral to lure in the “I don’t like floral” fragrance crowd, and this latest iteration is the most inviting yet. Instead of the traditional top, middle and base note composition, this floral and fruity fragrance has a trio of highly concentrated potpourri of fresh fruits, leaves and flowers that are combined for a crisper, more radiant variant that’s perfect for summer. There are also some light musky-woody notes.

R1,395 for 90ml from Edgars and Clicks

5. Africology Neroli Perfume

One spritz of this fragrance that uplifts, refreshes and inspires and you’ll understand why the ancient Egyptians cherished neroli. This sparkling, fruity floral leads with white orange blossom that smells light and airy, like a body mist but with the lasting power of a high-quality, structured fragrance. It’s fresh and spicy but not overly so, lending a layer of warmth like the summer sun. This is your soon-to-be summer staple if you can get your hands on a bottle (it’s one of Africology’s best sellers).

R495 from Africology spas or online at www.africologyspa.com 

6. Burberry Her Blossom

A new take on Burberry’s iconic Her fragrance, Her Blossom is meant to capture a love letter to London in bloom and brings a summery twist with fruity-sweet notes. At first, you’re greeted with bright notes of mandarin and pink peppercorn that then unfold into the heart of the fragrance – luminous plum blossom and peony. Lingering base notes of creamy sandalwood and comforting musk round out this scent, making it an alluring and enveloping signature of delicate femininity.

Priced from R895 to R1,665 from Edgars, Woolworths, Foschini and Truworths

7. Missguided Chill Babe

Here’s one for the sorbet lovers amongst us – and you’re either one or you know one. The delicate sweetness of raspberry and pear sorbet is heightened by hints of sparkling citrus and mellowed by cylamen, jasmine and rose. With a warm, woody base of white patchouli, vanilla and amber crystals, it’s all the best smells of sweet summertime in one gorgeous distinctive can design bottle that’s been refreshed in a metallic silver finish and is worthy of your vanity space.

R745 from select Foschini stores

8. Roberto Cavalli Paradiso Azzurro

Even if you’re not lucky enough to have a trip booked to Greece this summer, your seafaring spirit can thrive with a bottle of this fresh and aromatic scent inspired by the images of golden light of sunrise over the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Notes of citrus, bergamot, lavender, wild jasmine, cypress and cashmere will make you feel like you’re sipping ouzo lemonade on a yacht in the Med before settling down for a sunny nap.

Priced from R1,295 from Edgars, Woolworths, Foschini and Truworths

9. Berdoues Collection Grands Crus Azur Riviera

The name alone will send your mind to the beach, and the fresh, sunny scent of Mediterranean Sea spray blended audaciously with the softness of white flowers completes the mental picture. Bright top notes of algae and orange blossom are beautifully balanced with a hint of jasmine for subtle floral freshness to round out the perfect summer daydream on the French Riviera. This fragrance’s marine personality is most addictive and, best of all, it’s unisex.

R1,595 from select Foschini stores

10. Africology Vanilla Body Scent

‘Effortless’ is a word that gets thrown around a lot. Especially when it really means to put in a lot of effort – you know, like beachy waves. If you’re the kind of person who truly can’t be bothered, this sweet, rich and warm scent with a sultry undertone has decadent notes of cacao, chocolate, caramel and vanilla that makes you feel put-together without trying. Met by the brightness of orange zest, it makes for a lovely summer fragrance that sets the mood.

PS: Another reason to love this fragrance is that it’s safely fragranced with the purest essential oils and carefully preserved with bio-identical ingredients that won’t cause skin damage unlike most perfumes.

R495 from Africology spas or online at www.africologyspa.com 

Is your favourite summer fragrance missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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