The best in self-care – this is body care with benefits

Forget that lonely old tub of moisturiser at the back of your bathroom cabinet. These next-gen body products will give you all the TLC you need from tip to toe – not to mention exfoliate, smooth, repair and protect every inch of your skin. If the closest thing your limbs get to a proper pamper is a quick swipe of moisturiser before a night out on the town, this is just for you!


Save: Skin Oil from Africa Coconut Oil

We’re forever indebted to Skin Oil from Africa for this head-to-toe multi-tasker that blows any other all-over body moisturiser out of the water. It wraps parched skin in a blanket of moisture (it even makes elbows and knees seriously smooth), leaves a lovely, light coconut scent on the skin all day and even makes fluffy split ends much less. Top tip: Upgrade your post-shower routine by applying this oil to your entire body. It also has the knack of making your entire bathroom smell like a sun-soaked holiday.

R75 from

Splurge: NUXE Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Florale

Cancel that massage, because the delicate floral scent of NUXE’s newest multipurpose dry oil is so stimulating, it’s almost therapeutic. After a single slathering, it will leave your dry legs looking healthy and luminous, and feeling silky, supple and elastic. Top tip: There’s absolutely nothing to stop you from applying it all over – this true multipurpose dry oil can be applied directly to your skin, added to your bathwater or spritzed onto your hairbrush to nourish and add shine to parched locks.

R495 from Woolworths and Edgars


Save: Sorbet Tranquil Fresh Green Tea Body Wash

Of course, a moisturising body lotion or butter can help thwart seasonal dryness, but don’t sleep on the transformative power of body washes. This one from Sorbet’s brand-new Tranquil body care range gently cleanses and soothes the skin and has an invigorating green tea and bamboo scent. It also comes packaged in a beautiful green tube with a bamboo lid. Top tip: Revive your mind, body and soul daily by lathering up this product in the shower with your hands or a bath lily.

R69 from Sorbet salons and Clicks

Splurge: Lush Honey I Washed The Kids Shower Gel

Oh, honey! This body wash smells so similar to an addictive sweet toffee dessert that if someone held it up to us while blindfolded, we’d undoubtedly take a bite. The formula is just as creamy as a dessert classic too, and leaves skin feeling deliciously soft with a blend of uplifting sweet orange and bergamot oils plus loads of moisturising honey blended into a soothing lotus and tiger lily infusion. It’s super-gentle on dry or sensitive skin and it’s self-preserving (bonus!).

R185 from Lush or online at


Save: Wellness Warehouse Rejuvenating Body Butter

Wellness Warehouse has been rolling out some incredibly luxurious natural beauty products, and the most indulgent of the bunch is arguably this body butter centred around orange and rose. This rich and fragrant body butter is handmade with all-natural ingredients that gives this formula outstanding hydrating power. As if that weren’t enough – and it totally would be – there’s sweet almond and coconut oil to ensure the ultimate moisturising experience, all at a bargain price.

R189.95 from Wellness Warehouse or online at

Splurge: By Terry Baume de Rose Body Cream

Who doesn’t love the addictive fragrance of By Terry’s iconic Baume de Rose range? Applying this luxe French body cream is like immersing yourself in a bed of roses: It cocoons you from top to toe in rose butter, rosehip oil and rose flower essential wax before it’s swiftly absorbed. Your skin is left smelling deliciously sweet and feeling buttery soft, so it’s perfect for moisturising scaly, weather-beaten limbs. Top tip: Apply it before bed and wake up with beautifully hydrated skin by morning.

R1,250 from Metropolitan Cosmetics or online at


Save: Bodycare from Africa Argan Exfoliating Shower Gel

We’re not exactly the linger-in-the-shower type – we’re more the hurry-and-rinse-and-get-on-with-the-day type. But this cocktail of argan oil and vitamin E buffs away roughness as well as our impatience, which is why this impossibly cool-looking body scrub is our top pick for a daily body buff rather than a weekly treatment. We also love how it contains a healthy dose of teeny tiny granules that produce a non-irritating scrubbing experience that’s suitable for sensitive skin.

R69.95 from

Splurge: Dermalogica Thermafoliant Body Scrub

Just this once, we give you permission to judge a product by its packaging. The Instagram-ready body scrub from Dermalogica’s new Body Therapy range happens to be as effective as it is gorgeous. The pale grey paste is brimming with Indian bamboo stem, papain, lactic acid and natural sea salt for instantly boosting skin’s luminosity and smoothness. It also contains extracts of liquorice, white tea, coffeeberry and chamomile as well as oils of tea tree and grapefruit peel, so it comes highly recommended.

R849 from Dermalogica concept stores or online at

Tell us about the body care products you can’t live without in the comments below!

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