Work hard, mask harder: Face masks that make price tags look pointless

When it comes to our skincare routine, face masks are like the ultimate therapy session. Whether you prefer a hydrating overnight gel formula or a deep-cleansing clay mask, there’s no step more indulgent! We’ve rounded up our favourite face masks for when your skin is in a funk and getting all emotional on you. They deliver every time … happy masking!

SKNLOGIC Detox Charcoal Masque

With all the SPF you slather on in summer, sweat and dirt inevitably sticks like glue to your face, so now is an excellent time to start using a charcoal masque. This new masque by SKNLOGIC is a summer essential that will satisfyingly de-gunk your face – it works like gangbusters to suck grime and leftover product from your pores. The pore-purifying powerhouse employs activated charcoal to remove sebum, decongest and detoxify the skin and minimise pores. Trust us – this one will save your skin.

R290 from 

Beaucience Botanicals Masque

This clay mask is completely unlike its skincare sisters – think vitamin C, retinol and serums – that take weeks to start working. A single swipe of this cleansing, revitalising and conditioning mask will leave your skin looking fresh from the facialist. Plus, the ingredients are second to none: There’s organic vegetable oils that feed your skin with vitamins, minerals and nourishment in there, as well as a blend of botanicals that calm and soothe those lingering blemishes.

R129.99 from and Wellness Warehouse

Theravine Hydravine Chardonnay Grape Mask

If you haven’t got your hands on a cloth mask (and snapped a million cloth mask selfies) then where have you been? This one is drenched in essences spiked with antioxidant-rich chardonnay grape extract, botanical-rich concentrates and hyaluronic acid. The hefty dose of active ingredients ‘lock in’ moisture for up to three weeks, leaving your skin hydrated, smooth and plump. It’s a super-potent mask for long-lasting hydration that’s designed to transform your skin in just 15 minutes.

R261 from 

NUXE Insta-Masque Exfoliating + Unifying Mask

NUXE answered our prayers and brought us a mask that will exfoliate and refine your pores in two minutes. You can even use this in the shower … talk about multitasking! The soothing role floral water and nourishing macadamia oil in this mask does more than give it a delicious Turkish delight scent – it also helps to illuminate dull skin and draw out impurities from your pores. After just two minutes, your skin will start to appear brighter and clearer, almost as if you just came home from a tropical vacation.

R345 from select Woolworths, Truworths and Foschini stores

Sorbet Diamond Peel-Off Mask

TBH, I took this home because the packaging is pink and the label said diamond, which are two of my favourite things. But after using the restorative peel-off mask that contains platinum and diamond powder after a tiring day, I had one more thing to love about it: My skin looked instantly more illuminated. This mask is guaranteed to give you a gorgeous glow without all of the wincing. Yes, we’ve seen those YouTube videos, and … ouch!

R69 from Clicks and Sorbet salons and dry bars

Tell us about the face mask you can’t live without in the comments below.

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