5 fun ways to keep busy this week during #selfisolation

Hello, beautiful! Welcome back. I know it’s been a long time since I last wrote a blog post, but self-isolation – which has become the new norm – has forced me not only to work from home and spend more time inside, but also to slow down and do something I’ve been planning to do for ages … reconnect with my blog!

As it turns out, staying cooped up inside isn’t all bad once you start realising all the fulfilling and productive things you now have time to do. And we’re in this together! So, I’ve decided that every week until this is over, I’m going to share some fun and fruitful activities you can do at home to spread the positivity around. I promise they’ll make your days indoors more gratifying.


Get ready to glow up

Of course, first on my list is to start a self-isolation skincare routine. If you don’t have time to do face masks on a regular basis when life is normal and go-go-go, this is the perfect opportunity. A few times a week, set aside 20 minutes in your day to put on a mask and then cosy up with a cup of tea and your favourite magazine.

Before the #lockdown in South Africa started, I stocked up on a stash of Sorbet sheet masks, which are fab and super-simple to apply. Some of the masks I’ve been loving this week are the Double Action Brightening Serum Mask with vitamin C, the Mineral Hydrogel Mask with hyaluronic acid and collagen as well as the Charcoal Peel-Off Mask with activated charcoal and tea tree oil.

If you really want to pamper your skin, you can double mask by applying two different masks. When I double mask, I usually opt for the NUXE Crème Fraîche de Beauté 48h Moisture SOS Rescue Mask followed by a sheet mask of choice. I’ve found that being in my airconditioned apartment all day, my skin has been looking and feeling more dehydrated than usual (my skin type is dry and sensitive, FYI). But this NUXE mask provides an infusion of freshness and nourishment to instantly hydrate and soothe my skin. I love it!

While masks are the funnest way to take care of your skin while you’re stuck at home, your self-isolation skincare routine shouldn’t stop there. Get a good morning and evening routine going – and start using all those creams and serums sitting inside your bathroom cabinet. You’ll thank yourself later for showing your skin so much love now, and you’ll look (and feel) refreshed and confident when you go back to work with gorgeous, glowing skin.


Give yourself a manicure

Part of my self-care routine is to have fresh nails. I usually a Shellac or Gelish manicure every two weeks at my local, YouBar in Illovo  But with everyone in self-isolation and businesses closing for the time being, luxuries like getting your nails done go right out the window. If you can relate to this, giving yourself an at-home manicure can help you feel more normal.

Of course, you need to make sure your nails are clean before you start – fortunately I found time for a quick soak-off before the lockdown started so I don’t have any gel on my nails at the moment. Then, take some time to submerge your hands in a soak, push your cuticles down, choose a shade that makes you happy and slather on some hand cream.

Products I’ve been using for my at-home mani-pedis include Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream made with vitamin E and sweet almond oil, OPI Manicure Soak Powder to cleanse, brighten and revitalise the hands and nails as well as Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream which has the most additctive vanilla and marzipan scent.


Have evening drinks – from home

I’ve been loving video apps like Zoom and Houseparty to keep up with my friends and have a laugh over a G&T or a glass of wine … or three. If you haven’t had a virtual slumber party yet, this is something you have to try this week! But instead of opting for your go-to drink recipes, try something more exciting and trickier.

An easy cocktail I’ve been enjoying is a simple rose G&T using Tanqueray gin. All you need is 35.5ml Tanqueray No. TEN, 200ml premium tonic water, strawberries and rose petals. Fill a large copa glass with ice, pour in the gin, top with the tonic water and then garnish with strawberries and rose petals.

If you don’t have those ingredients on hand, why not try a rosé wine spritzer instead? To make this pretty blush coloured drink, fill a glass with ice, then fill it halfway with whatever rosé you have on your wine rack and top it up with Sprite. For a fancier version, add two tablespoons of culinary lavender, 24 organic rose petals and two teaspoons of organic rose water. Cheers!


Declutter your closet

The last thing I’ll be doing this week is decluttering my closet by ditching clothing items and shoes that I haven’t worn in the last 30 days. Of course, I’ll take seasons into consideration, as it wouldn’t make sense to toss out a summer dress in colder months, because obviously I haven’t worn it in the last month. You’ve got to use your best judgment here.

The problem I have is that my cupboards and drawers are saddled with emotions – from the dress that I interviewed for my first magazine job in, to a bunch of vintage sweaters from a thrift shop in Melville (a hole in each one!). So, I plan on decluttering my closet by starting with one section at a time. I know that trying to go through everything in one day won’t work, and that I’ll just end up discouraged.

For the ‘what ifs’ – AKA the pieces I’ll want to convince myself that I’ll wear one day – I’ll have to be harder on myself. For example, I have a Michael Kors leopard print calf hair crossbody bag that I’ve only used once. I keep telling myself that I’m saving it for in case I get invited to an animal-themed party. But deep down I know there will be no animal themed party. By the end of the decluttering process I also hope to have everything coordinated into sections so it’s easier to browse my closet in the mornings when I do go back to work.

What are you doing to keep you busy at home this week? I’d love to know – tell me in the comments below.

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