Our favourite places to order takeout and delivery for the family

You might not be able to pop out for a bite at one of Joburg’s family restaurants, but don’t despair: Some of the best restaurants for a family-friendly feast will deliver food you and the kids will love right to your door. Here are our top three restaurants offering takeout and delivery that make staying in for dinner more fun for the kids – and easier on you. 

AJ’s in the Park

We sometimes want to relive our childhoods through food, but we now have adult taste buds to please. AJ’s in the Park resolves the conflict with its share-friendly meals that are a bit more down to earth. There’s a kids’ menu that offers everything from toasted sandwiches and kid-size pizzas, to mini burgers and fish fingers. However, some young regulars make a meal out of their favourite side dishes. For adults, we recommend ordering the wood-fired margarita pizza, classic burger with a homemade Karan Beef patty, free-range crumbed chicken schnitzel, pork spare ribs as well as the decadent chocolate brownie with ice cream to share. We especially love the old-school, thin-crust pizza: While there are classic varieties like Regina and Hawaiian, there are a few new-school options as well for the adventurous eater like the Peppadew Chick (chicken fillet, peppadew and onion) and the AJ’s (Parma ham, tomato, rocket and brie). The upside to all of this? You can’t really go wrong with any of them. 

Place your order: Phone 081 234 5797 for collection and in-house delivery or order via Mr D Food 

33 Abercorn Avenue, Craighall Park 


Facebook: @ajsinthepark 

Twitter: @ajsinthepark 

Instagram: @ajsinpark 



This is a sophisticated sushi delivery service that typically warrants attention for gourmet fusion sushi and high-value sushi saladsAnd it’s also a family-friendly spot with plenty on the delivery menu to please young palates. Order the sweet potato or avo mango rolls for the kids, or kick things up a notch with a selection of specialty gourmet rolls for yourself – we recommend the spicy salmon (salmon, avo and sweet potato)salmon crispy onion (salmon, avo and crispy onion) and avo kani (mango, kani and cucumber) rolls, all topped with garnish and sauce. If you want to make a feast of it, start with the salmon bamboo rolls wrapped in cucumber and the salmon and sweet potato tempura sushi before tucking into a platter. The 42-piece mixed platter is fantastic value and highlights vinegar-seasoned rice and high-quality, fresh cuts of fish. It consists of avo, cucumber and salmon maki, salmon California rolls and vegetable and salmon fashion sandwiches you’ll still be thinking about weeks later. 

Place your order: WhatsApp 082 086 9631 for in-house delivery 


Facebook: @sosushijhb 

Twitter: @sosushijhb 


Nonna Mia’s Kitchen Parkhurst

Loud, informal, bustling and tailor-made for kids in town for a treat, Nonna Mia’s Kitchen Parkhurst serves up ginormous 24-slice 60x39cm pizzas for sharing – although they provide six and eight-slice pizzas too, which are ideal for picky youngsters. They’ll even let you have more than one choice from the toppings selection if you ask nicely. Expect delicious rectangular pizzas with a perfectly crispy, blackened crust that begs for seconds … and thirds or fourths if you’re able. Classics like the Torino – mozzarella, pomodoro, gorgonzola, brie, Parmigiano and provolone – are always crowd pleasers, but for those who are looking to spice things up, opt for pizzas like the Venezia, which includes mozzarella, pomodoro, spicy prawns, rocket and post-oven slices of avocado. Sounds molto bene to us! We also recommend a fresh salad on the side – the simple caprese salad filled with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and basil tossed in balsamic vinegar and olive oil is loaded with flavour. 

Place your order: Phone 072 044 9734 for collection or order via UberEats and Mr D Food 

45 1st Avenue W, Parkhurst 


Facebook: @nonnamiasparkhurst 

Instagram: @nonnamiaspizza 

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