Gravity Café is baking the world a better place

Fresh, soft, warm bread. Eat it, smell it, roll around on huge piles of it. You’ll want to spend half of your monthly salary at Gravity Café. From warm bread rolls and plaited loaves to hot buns and delicate pastries, this Linden coffee shop will drop delicious freshly baked goods at your door. So, whatever tantalising treat you’re in the mood for, delve into their handcrafted delivery menu! 


If the mark of a good fruit and veg shop is just-picked freshness, then the mark of Gravity Café’s excellent delivery service is almost the opposite. Owner Robert Swanepoel is all about preserving, salting, brining, pickling, fermenting, curing and drying some of nature’s most interesting offerings, and celebrating the most complex and compelling flavours. 

One of the best sourdough loaves we’ve come across in Joburg is over at Gravity Café. What makes their sourdough so good, you might ask? A shatteringly crisp crust that gives way to soft and moist bread filled with pockets of air. The flavour is tangy and the texture chewy, but not jaw-pain inducing. We love roasting it with chicken: Simply toss torn pieces of bread with shallots, cranberries, lemons and olive oil and top with chicken legs. As the chicken roasts, the bread absorbs the rich juices, becoming deliciously crisp and chewy. The breadcrumbs are also flavourful enough to serve as a topping on Gravity Cafés creamy chicken or potato and leek soup – especially if you mix them with herbs and crumbled pancetta. 


We’re also going crazy for Gravity Café’s focaccia bread that’s chewy and soft in the centre with a mega crisp exterior, as well as their dried fettuccine pasta – try it in a simple lemon, thyme and chicken alfredo. It’s a yummy take on the classic tossed over handcrafted fettuccine. Or how about a prawn fettuccine with chilli, tomato and parsley? The traditional pork pie is also moreish and totally filling from crust to filling – think a light, flaky and buttery pastry filled with pork shoulder and belly. And did we mention the sourdough cinnamon buns? Soft, feathery scrolls of luscious, sweet dough are filled with swirls and swirls of cinnamon sugar. We mean … come on! 


For more information on Gravity Café’s delivery service, daily meals and baked goods, visit their social media pages. 

51 4th Avenue, Linden 

011 888 3810 

Facebook: @gravitycafelinden 

Twitter: @cafe_gravity 

Instagram: @gravitycafelinden 

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