Meet Linda Gieskes-Mwamba from Suki Suki Naturals

Linda Gieskes-Mwamba is passionate about the healing and restorative powers of natural organic ingredients. From a gentle açaí exfoliating mask to mango butter for both your hair and body, her range of premium natural hair and skincare products is handmade right here in Joburg. We sat down with her to find out the story behind the brand, the must-haves for winter and more. 

Tell us the story behind Suki Suki Naturals. 

When I decided to no longer use chemicals to care for my hair in 2010, I couldn’t find any natural products on the market. As a result, I decided to concoct my own blends using herbs, clays, powders and natural oils to cleanse, condition and grow my hair naturally. My family and friends noticed how my hair was thriving with my new treatments, so I shared my blends with them. I noticed I could turn passion into profit when I saw how much they loved my blends – not to mention the amazing results on their hair too. I launched Suki Suki Naturals haircare products in 2014 and in 2017, I extended the range to include skincare. The rest is history! 

Are all of your products natural, organic, vegan and cruelty-free? 

Yes, except for the Whipped Shea Crème, which isn’t vegan as it contains beeswax. 

Whats your best-selling product? 

The Miraculous Oil. It was our first product, and the reason I believe it’s our bestseller is because it’s so versatile and has many great properties. It can be used on all hair types to promote hair growth and health, making it a go-to oil for people who want beautiful tresses. 

 What are the must-haves in your range for winter? 

Firstly, the Papaya Rose Hydrating Facial Mist, because of the dehydration that winter can put our skin through. I find Joburg winters to be particularly dry, so this helps a lot. I mist my face several times a day to topically replenish it with hydration. Also the Prickly Pear Rejuvenating Facial Oil, which locks in moisture without an oily residue, and the Whipped Shea Crème – a hero product in winter because of how it beautifully hydrates and nourishes hair and skin.  

Are your products suitable for both men and women? 

Definitely. Our products were designed with mainly women in mind, but when treating skincare or haircare concern, being a man or woman is irrelevant. What does matter, however, are your particular skin concerns you’d like to address. For example: Is your skin sensitive, dry, dehydrated or tired? Those are the important questions to ask. 

Are your products safe to use during pregnancy?   

Our products are all natural and clean, but we use essential oils to scent them. The use of essential oils during pregnancy is a topic that experts are divided on, primarily because there’s a lot we don’t yet know about how they might affect the health of the fetus. So, we advise our clients who are wanting to use our products during pregnancy to consult their doctor, do their research and proceed carefully. 

Do you have any exciting launches planned? 

We’re busy working on three new products for both skin and hair. Without saying too much, let’s just say that cleansers will become part of our range soon. 

Facebook: @sukisukinaturals 

Twitter: @simplysukisuki 

Instagram: @sukisukinaturals 

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