Deep cleaning, self-isolation style!

With everyone still self-isolating and social distancing, we know we’re going to be spending a lot more time at home for the foreseeable future. There’s not a huge amount that we can control right now, but one thing we can do is make our lives as comfortable as possible by keeping our home spaces clean and tidy. We’ve found just the brand to clean your house or apartment during this time – Housewife’s, available from Pick n Pay, SPAR and OK. 

This super-affordable proudly South African brand produces a wide range of products, from all-purpose cleaner and bleach, to floor and tile cleaner and kitchen and bathroom cleaner. We all have a lot of time on our hands and are hyper-aware of cleanliness and germs in our homes at the moment, so why not plan to deep clean your home this weekend? Taking control of your home space by cleaning, tidying and decluttering can be really positive for your mindset.


There are a few products we recommend buying for a weekend of deep cleaning during self-isolation. These are the lemon scented Housewife’s Dishwashing Liquid (a little goes a long way!); Housewife’s Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner in Ocean Breeze that’s tough on grease; Housewife’s Floor & Tile Cleaner in Ocean that’s tough on dirt; Housewife’s Citrus Gel Concentrated Multipurpose Cleaner that sanitises, deodorises and cleans simultaneously; Housewife’s Carpet Shampoo in Cotton Fresh for deep cleaning, odour masking, a fresh aroma and a softer surface; and the Housewife’s Foaming Bleach in Lemon to whiten and remove stains. 

We also highly recommend the Shower & Mildew cleaner to get your shower sparkling as well as the Oven Cleaner – simply leave your pots and pans to soak overnight and in the morning, you’ll be surprised at how easy the grime washes away. Overall, the Housewife’s range offers fantastic value for money and all the products smell lovely. The best part is that Housewife’s also offers luxurious hand washes and bubble baths as part of their range. The Gabriella Toasted Coconut Luxurious Hand Wash and Gabriella Lavender & Honey Luxurious Bubble Bath are perfect for a self-care session after deep cleaning. Yes, please!


Facebook: @housewifesa 

Instagram: @housewifes_sa 

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