Reviewed: OrchidBloom’s range of plant-based skincare products

While it often seems like it’s all been done with natural beauty’s hallmarks of plant-based purity, there’s always something new coming out. Green beauty is no longer a passing fad or fling – this movement is here to stay and growing by the day. And sometimes, like in the case of OrchidBloom, it’s spectacular. 

OrchidBloom is one of the best natural and organic skincare brands that I’ve ever used. This indie beauty brand – meaning it’s independently owned and operated and is doing something ‘unconventional’ – is shaking up the industry with its savvy ingredients, cool packaging and different spins on existing products. Available from the OrchidBloom online store and Jimnojean, their product offering includes an organic coconut and Kalahari melon oil balm, squalane and hyaluronic acid cream, fragrance-free glycerine soap, French clay and blackseed masque, rose and hyluronic acid moisture mist, indulgent rose and oud candle and much more. 

Taking a ‘less is more approach’, OrchidBloom’s products are designed to fit into your existing lifestyle. Non-fussy and free from any problematic additives, you won’t find any parabens in these clean formulas as transparency is key for this brand. All their products are formulated and manufactured in small batches using sustainable ingredients and plant actives that add nourishment and goodness to the skin. They contain ethically sourced natural compounds and organic ingredients where possible and aren’t tested on animals as the brand supports Beauty Without Cruelty. As for the packaging? Not only is it low-waste itself, it’s also chic, clean and minimalistic in black and white design.  


Tried and tested OrchidBloom products 

Lumière Cleaning Melt 

The cult cleansing melt and makeup remover is a best-selling product, thanks to its luxurious botanical formula that gently cleans and revitalises the skin. There are a lot of reasons you might want to try this balm to oil cleanser in place of your regular liquid, bar or wipe cleansers. For starters, as the temperatures fluctuate, it gets harder to keep your skin hydrated. This balm is an effective option to remove daily skin pollutants including makeup, dirt and oil without overly drying the skin. Also, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t like washing your face, this product requires no water – simply massage a small dollop into dry skin for a couple of minutes, wipe away with a warm muslin exfoliating cloth and allow the leftover goodness to soak in, leaving your skin even more supple.  

R280 (includes a muslin cleaning cloth) from 


CoCo Balm 

Another fan favourite is the intensive daily repair balm. This product is beneficial to have on hand, whether you have a skin condition or not, because it has so many uses. Formulated with organic coconut and Kalahari melon oil, the delicately scented balm is specifically designed for repairing even the driest, most distressed skin types. But it’s also superb at smoothing flaky spots, healing chapped lips, soothing irritation due to shaving as well as alleviating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. I also use it to tame flyaway hairs and add extra sheen to my cheekbones plus as a hand repair treatment. This product’s rich texture can be used all over – be it under the eyes, on skin or on hair for extra nourishment. You’ll see a difference within days! 

R110 from 


Marula Skin Oil 

Full disclosure: This was literally the facial oil that turned me, a longtime skeptic of facial oils, into a bona-fide devotee. With the use of this product, you can expect an off-the-charts level of glow. It’s also a game-changer for firming and brightening the skin. Rich in omegas 6 and 9 as well as vitamin C and powerful antioxidants, marula oil is touted for its nourishing, multipurpose uses. What’s in this bottle is nearly as pure as it gets, and it’s totally free from added fragrance. In the short term, you can expect a believable, holiday-like glow plus a pretty sheen from the oil texture. And with continued use? Healthy, plump, happy skin. All it takes is two or three drops massaged into the skin every day – preferably at night, because of its regeneration properties. 

R300 from

Have you tried any of OrchidBloom’s plant-based skincare products? If you have, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 

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