Heaven scent: Our favourite candles and diffusers for your whiff enjoyment

As we tuck away indoors, a scented candle or reed diffuser’s warm aroma can be both meditative and escapist. Even though you’re city-bound, the best of the bunch can transport you to a tropical island or lush orange garden. If cold temperatures and grey days have got you down, these room fragrances will encourage you to stay home as much as possible!

Ambrose Scents Juliet Oud

Ambrose Scents Juliet Oud Diffuser 

Like rose petals combined with sultry notes of oud and delicate woody notes filling your room. Need we say more? This diffuser has a definite wow factor: Everything about it screams ‘expensive’, so if you’re looking for gifts, this makes a fabulous one. The delightful pink glass bottle is definitely a huge selling point for us. It’s simple but beautiful and even when empty, you could keep it for decorative purposes if you don’t fancy refilling. We also think this diffuser is affordable for how luxurious it is. 

R499 from www.ambrosescents.co.za

Ambrose Scents Oud Royale

Ambrose Scents Oud Royale Diffuser 

On the hunt for a diffuser for your bedroom? With its statement jar and soothing aroma of velvety oud, this decorative diffuser is the best pick for your bedroom, or lazy languorous afternoons in the living room. The rich wood scent is highly condensed with distinct notes, and is guaranteed to fill even a large room. We can bet your guests will be asking what the smell is! As it really is quite powerful, we do, however, recommend that you avoid it in rooms without windows. 

R499 from www.ambrosescents.co.za

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 10.05.49 

Stoneglow Luna Cedarwood & Cypress Tumbler 

This candle combines aromatic fennel, sage, thyme, eucalyptus and cypress to create a calming, therapeutic scent with a mossy dry down. It’s long-lasting, classy and, most of all, the quality is superb with a strong fragrance that really travels across the room. The aroma is hand-poured into a minimalist opaque white glass jar, ready to burn. For sound sleep, we recommend filling the bath with bubbles and lying back as you relax with this lighted candle before bedtime. 

R529 from www.thewhimsicalwhippet.co.za 

Screen Shot 2020-07-31 at 10.05.35 

Stoneglow Luna Oroblanco & Cardamom Tumbler 

Beautifully boxed to make the perfect gift, this candle sits in a sage glass case that features a gold signature emblem – and we can tell you now that it smells as good as it looks. The scent has depth and complexity, thanks to the woody base and addition of vanilla, while still smelling recognisably of bergamot, grapefruit and orange. This is one hardworking candle that really fills a room. We love every single thing about it! 

R529 from www.thewhimsicalwhippet.co.za

Shearer Candles Cocoa & Sandalwood Diffuser

Shearer Candles Cocoa & Sandalwood Diffuser 

An opulent blend of pure decadence, this is heaven in a bottle for gourmand lovers. Simply drop a handful of reeds into this luxurious diffuser to fragrance your home with cocoa bean enriched by smooth sandalwood, warm apricot and vanilla. Apart from the rich and powerful fragrance that’s perfect for any room, we also love the design: A nice and plump glass container with a gold top. It looks amazing in bathrooms. 

R391 from www.thewhimsicalwhippet.co.za

Babylonstoren - Fynbos Candle 2

Babylonstoren Fynbos Candle 

This candle is the king of fynbos home scents, of which there are many on the market. It’s a bestseller for a reason, and if you like your fynbos herbal, spicy and floral, this is the option for you. A well-rounded blend of locally grown citrus, earthy fynbos and wooded tones really does remind us of the evergreen shrubland that clothes the mountains and lowlands of the Cape. Each candle is packaged in a gorgeous collapsible box that features Babylonstoren’s signature Delft design. It’s so, so pretty. 

R350 from www.shop.babylonstoren.com

TheraVine Floral-Citrus Fusion Diffuser 100ml

TheraVine Floral-Citrus Fusion Diffuser 

The citrusy combination of crushed lemon, lime and juicy grapefruit in this diffuser is a real winner. Encased in a frosted glass bottle, it’s an exotic smelling product but subtle enough that it won’t give you a headache or overpower the room. You can add however many reeds you prefer – the more you add, the stronger the smell in your home. We think this makes a wonderful first foray to the world of room fragrances. 

R280 from www.theravine.co.za 

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