Summer beauty finds we can’t live without from Dermastore

The time for a dewy, glowing complexion and head-to-toe sun-kissed skin is once again upon us! While summer prepping calls for a less-is-more approach to beauty, it doesn’t mean you have to whittle down your routine to a single tube of tinted moisturiser and lip balm. When the sun’s blazing, you’ll want to feel comfortable in your own skin and protected from the elements. Look good and feel even better with these summer skincare essentials from Dermastore.

Editor’s pick: ISDIN Isdinceutics Skin Drops 

The heat is on – and so is the pressure for a healthy summer glow. But before swirling on bronzer for added warmth or dabbing highlighter along the cheekbones to catch the light, we recommend using this ultra-light liquid makeup that provides 12-hour adaptable coverage with a matte finish to create a flawless canvas that can endure the season’s humidity. Just a few drops of this highly pigmented product that’s light enough for summer offers enough (but not too much) coverage and delivers a luminous finish. If you’re after a formula that plumps and fills fine lines while delivering a stellar glow, look no further! Suitable for all skin types, this makeup bag essential can be swooshed on with either fingers or a brush – whichever you prefer – to take skin from sallow and uneven to dewy in a few seconds flat. It covers imperfections, discolouration, vitiligo, varicose veins, bruising, scars, burns and even tattoos on both the face and body. If you want a BB cream finish, mix one drop with your regular moisturiser.  

R895 from 

Skinceuticals Glycolic Renewal Cleanser 

With summer in full swing, now more than ever a cleansing routine is crucial if you don’t already have one in place. Refresh and energise your complexion with this cult cleanser from Skinceuticals. Formulated with 8% glycolic acid – the gold standard exfoliator – this gentle foaming cleanser cleans away makeup and dirt while exfoliating skin in the process to bring you even-toned, fresh-faced, glowing skin. As a bonus, the formula is so gentle is can be used during your morning and nighttime routine. A smoother-looking complexion is possible without irritation, and this product is proof. 

R780 from 

Lamelle Serra Restore Cream 

An absolute must for daily hydration, this cream provides lightweight moisture that the skin just drinks in, never feeling like a sticky or greasy layer. It’s the ultimate fancy-but-not-too-fancy unscented moisturiser that, despite being packed with nourishing ingredients, doesn’t feel the least bit heavy. It can be used as an additional moisturiser or when dry skin is in need of barrier restoration. It offers intense hydration, brightens over time and helps rebalance the skin’s barrier, restoring the appearance of a healthy, renewed complexion. We think it’s the perfect answer to long nights, pollution and stress. 

R515 from 

Huxley Stay Sun Safe SPF 50+ PA++++ 

This is an amazing face sunscreen that you’ll actually want to wear every day – think lightweight, fast-absorbing and easy to apply. With UVA and UVB filters as well as Sahara prickly pear seed oil, this is a supercharged SPF that’s as good at protecting skin from the sun as it is preventing and reducing discolouration. If you love clean, refreshing scents for your products, you’ll love it. Doubling up as both a moisturiser and an SPF 50+ sunscreen, it’s an excellent choice if you want an SPF that works really, really hard. It doesn’t leave a chalky residue either, making it a good choice for darker skin tones.  

R440 from 

ISDIN UV Mineral Brush SPF 50+ 

If you apply a coin-sized amount of sunscreen to your face every morning and don’t reapply unless you’re at the beach or pool because slathering your face in lotion and messing up your makeup isn’t exactly appealing, this powder sunscreen is going to be a total game-changer for you. Oily skin types, get excited: The multitasking formula doesn’t just shield your precious face from UV rays, blue light and pollution, but is excellent for mattifying the skin and adding a little bronzed glow too. As soon as you dust the formula with a universal tint over your skin, it leaves a soft, matte finish that looks poreless. 

R650 from 

ISDIN HydroLotion SPF 50 

Struggle to find an SPF that doesn’t irritate your sensitive skin? This ultra-gentle, biphasic dry-oil body sunscreen will be your saving grace. Formulated with skin-nourishing ingredients like chlorella maris – a potent antioxidant – the first phase offers UV protection, while the second phase helps detoxify sun-exposed skin through use of antioxidants. It’s a dry oil, so it absorbs super-quickly and doesn’t leave an oily residue – fab if you’re getting ready in a hush. Besides the fact that the bottle looks like a literal work of art, the beautiful formula makes skin look so good that you’ll forget it’s a sunscreen! 

R500 from 

Skin Republic Age-Defying Retinol Hand Mask 

You probably already have a bathroom cabinet full of anti-ageing serums and creams dedicated to your face, but don’t forget to show your hands a little extra attention too. In addition to lathering up with hand cream and SPF, consider hand masks, which concentrate the best skin-loving ingredients on your digits, minus the mess. So much more than an at-home spa-like indulgence, these help target dryness, dark spots, freckles as well as loss of firmness and elasticity. Consider them sheet masks for your hands: Slip into the serum-filled mitts, secure around the wrists and snap some selfies while you wait. 

R60 from 

Curaprox Travel Oral Care Kit 

When you’re travelling for the summer holidays, the last thing that should cause you stress is your toothbrush. An indispensable tool for good dental hygiene during your trip, this travel size toothbrush and toothpaste will keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh while you’re on the go and away from home. The CS 5460 travel toothbrush is relentless on plaque and gentle on your teeth and gums, while the BE YOU Blue Toothpaste (Blueberry & Liquorice) has a great taste and helps to scrub away hard-to-remove stains and leave a brighter smile. The kit also includes prime interdental brushes. 

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