Savour the best steaks – and sushi – at Trumps Grillhouse & Butchery

From the juiciest and most marbled slabs of beef to melt-on-the-tongue lamb shank and eisbein, Trumps Grillhouse & Butchery has got your carnivorous cravings covered. As an added bonus, it doubles up as one of the best seafood restaurants in Joburg, offering some surf to go with all that turf. So, make a reservation, get dressed up and prepare to get primal. 

Located on Nelson Mandela Square, in the heart of Sandton, is the thoroughly welcoming Trumps Grillhouse & Butchery. One of the most modern, forward-thinking steak joints in Joburg, everything here is done with passion – from the setting that cultivates a retro-sexy vibe with its dark tones and red furnishings to the slow, sensuous uncorking of the finest South African wines. It’s a playpen for high-rolling carnivores, suffused with wafting scents of singed fat and American whisky. 

Whiling away the evening at Trumps – with an ice-cold gin martini in one hand and a hunk of steak in the other – is practically a rite of passage in the City of Gold. Second only to the lively atmosphere are the accoutrements, including pork or beef ribs with a caramelised, sticky crust, spatchcock chicken seasoned with Maldon salt, mussels steamed in a white wine sauce, queen prawns served with a citrus aioli and tomato chilli jam, springbok carpaccio topped with balsamic caramel and Grana Padano shavings, and a loaded caprese avocado salad. Elegant cocktails begin meals here: The zingy, aromatic drinks serve as the perfect foil to the menu of inventive cuts of meat and luxe sides, such as the blueberry daiquiri blended with fruit purée, fresh fruit juice and limes, or the hibiscus and mint G&T – a botanical variation of the classic enhanced with hibiscus extracts, fresh mint and freshly squeezed lime. 

On the menu you’ll spot all the usual suspects, but when it comes to meat, Trumps is shaking things up. For starters, your options range from tender pan-fried calamari tubes in a garlic and lemon butter sauce to snails smothered in a rich, creamy garlic sauce, served with fresh ciabatta bread. Though it’s tempting to fill up on these savoury treats, be sure to save room for mains – once tasted, the well-marbled rib eye with a truffle butter and wild mushroom-infused sauce or the showstopping tomahawk on the bone with a side of onion rings will live long in the memory. The steaks come out perfectly medium-rare on the hottest plates you’ve ever accidentally touched. If you’re going to splurge on a piece of meat like that, you’ve come to the right place. Trust us, it’s worth every penny! 

The seafood options are similarly indulgent, with a lineup of hake, kingklip, calamari, queen prawns and Norwegian salmon grilled to perfection and served with a lime and coriander aioli mayo. Magnificent though the meat here is, don’t forget about the brand-new sushi menu. What distinguishes the sushi here from the rest of the gilded new crop of sushi places around the city is that the fish is fresh, expertly sourced and beautifully cut – and prices are hard to beat. The Trumps Reloaded – California rolls with salmon and avocado outside, topped with sweet chilli mayo, teriyaki, caviar and finely diced spring onion – and the salmon California rolls topped with shrimp tempura outshine the standard rolls that sushi-eaters may be used to. Every bite is perfection, and the chef pre-dresses each sushi piece with the perfect amount of sauce and toppings. The seared beef sashimi topped with spring onion and sesame seeds, drizzled with soya sauce and sweet chilli mayo, will captivate you too. 

If you’re looking for a sophisticated dining room with some of Joburg’s meatiest morsels or want to treat a fellow carnivore friend to a high-quality dinner free of pretentiousness, Trumps is just the place to do it. The steaks are stupendous and the service is superior – we wouldn’t think twice before going back! After your meal, stop by the adjoining butchery to get the best prime rib steak, wet-aged rump steak, biltong, spices and basting sauces you’ve ever had. 

Nelson Mandela Square, 5th Street, Sandton 

011 784 2366

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