Our top 4 products for dry, dehydrated skin from SkinMiles

It wouldn’t be surprising if finding hydrating and super-soothing skincare products has become more of a priority for you lately. Winter skin woes are very real, especially when the dry and bitter temperatures come into play, and the desire to put your best face forward is understandable. Just because the days are dull and dreary, your skin needn’t be. These clever beauty buys from SkinMiles – your personal skincare destination offering digital shelves of the best skincare and now makeup, too – can make a lacklustre complexion glow … overnight or in an instant. Project illumination starts with these picks that take the current climate into account. 

sk.in Marvel Hydro Shot 

Best for anyone who wants to boost moisture content 

Dry skin and fine lines are no match for the cocktail of hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E and ceramides found in leading South African medical practitioner, Dr Alek Nikolic’s hardworking hydrating serum. Powered by a 5% hyaluronic acid complex, the milky water-gel hybrid ensures well-rounded hydration for every layer of your skin. This hydrating powerhouse is great for all skin types and will revive even the most dehydrated skin so that it can thrive amid harsh weather changes. There’s magic in here, alright! We like that this product leaves your face completely soft and matte, unlike some hyaluronic products that can leave skin a bit tacky. As an added perk, a little goes a long way: Layer one full pump beneath a simple moisturiser each morning and evening for plumper, smoother, softer and better-looking skin. 

R1,120 from www.skinmiles.com 

Esthederm Intensive Hyaluronic Mask 

Best for dosing your skin up with a fresh drink of water 

To us, there’s no better fix for dry winter skin than this cushiony cream mask. It’s plumping, deeply hydrating, wonderfully reparative and, with regular use, softens the look and feel of fine lines and wrinkles. Basically, this comforting mask does it all … we’re smitten! Formulated with a patented complex of three hyaluronic acid forms to restore and protect the skin, even under cold-weather conditions, it replenishes lost moisture in minutes and leaves the skin feeling absurdly soft. You only need 15 to 20 minutes, but since it’s such a treat, we recommend applying a healthy coating all over your face (especially along your under eyes) and going for as long as you can before removing it with a warm washcloth. Or, apply it on the weekend, sleep in and discover quenched skin come morning. 

R651 from www.skinmiles.com 

Lamelle Serra Body Lotion 

Best for when traditional body lotions just won’t cut it 

Since we’ve already announced our devotion to Lamelle’s Serra Restore Cream on numerous occasions, you better believe we can get down with the cloud-like body lotion by the same name. Consider it your daily multivitamin for your skin: The cleanly formulated cream is jam-packed with good-for-you ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, panthenol and the brand’s patented Ceramide-P, which is an exact replica of the lipids that make up your skin barrier. The lightweight, highly concentrated formula slides on like butter and instantly melts into a silky oil upon skin contact. This powerhouse concoction swiftly replenishes moisture to your dehydrated and stressed skin, leaving you feeling like a million (moisturised) bucks. You can count on it to truly soothe – and never irritate – red, itchy or cracked skin.  

R340 from www.skinmiles.com 

SVR Topialyse Barriere 

Best for soothing and conditioning skin 

When it comes to offering lasting hydration to even the driest of dry skin, nothing beats this thick, hydrolysed rice protein-laced cream for the face, hands and body. After slathering it on several times a day for the first few days, you’ll notice a major improvement in your hands – redness will fade, itchiness will subside and painful cracks will begin to heal. By the third day, they’ll look and feel as good as new. For anyone suffering from aggressively dry skin this winter – or any time of year, for that matter – we can’t recommend this barrier cream enough for boosting skin elasticity and protecting against irritation. We recommend using it anywhere that your skin needs some extra TLC, such as your under eyes, neck and feet. For an intensive hydration session, use it last in your nighttime routine (over your serum). 

R202 from www.skinmiles.com 

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