5 skincare products to pack for a winter getaway

There’s really no time like the present. So, rather than counting down the days until spring, why not soak up the present with a winter weekend getaway? Whether it’s a romantic bush escape or a boutique retreat to the Cape Winelands, you’ll want to be sure to look and feel your best – and most effortless. No matter your brand of winter travel, here are the skincare essentials you’ll need to deal with wintry weather. These products will keep your skin smooth and supple, so looking fabulous will be on the itinerary no matter your destination.

Editor’s pick: Diego dalla Palma Professional FilLift HYALU&COLLAGEN FILLER Lifting and Filling Concentrate 

This supercharged – not to mention perpetually lab-fresh – skin elixir is basically glass skin sealed in three airtight, highly innovative capsules. If maintaining a clear, healthy-looking glow is on the agenda, you’ll want to consider these superhero skin ampoules to set you on your path. Thanks to five different types of moisture-magnet hyaluronic acid, along with proven dermatologist favourites (Collalift 18, Dermaplex peptides and Amplified BTX hexapeptide-1), smooth-to-the-touch skin is yours for the taking. Patted into the face alone, these cutting-edge elixirs with a higher potency of active ingredients are a targeted megadose of rejuvenation to take anti-ageing to the next level. We also like blending them with matte foundation for a burst of moisture and a lasting dewy finish. After 30 days, these blends will leave your face, neck, décolleté and even hands feeling recharged, with dullness, dehydration and loss of firmness kept at bay. We love the satiny texture and quick dry-down, as well as that they’re toss-in-your-suitcase ready for your next winter getaway. This is as close to instant gratification as it comes! 

R1,450 for 3 3.5ml ampoules from select spas and salons 

SVR Eye Ampoule Refresh 

Of all the active ingredients out there, caffeine is your best bet for fast-acting depuffing and eliminating dark circles. This caffeine-infused morning eye serum is like a full night’s rest in a little bottle; a pretty wise investment if you ask us. It contains two powerhouse regenerating ingredients – peptides and hyaluronic acid – to hydrate and plump the skin, reduce bags and puffiness plus diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. And the benefits don’t stop there … the caffeine also works to give under-eye skin an immediate boost of brightness, helping to minimise the look of imperfections before you apply concealer (makeup glides on easily over it). Equally noteworthy is the metal pipette applicator, which is a lovely touch – it feels cooling on the skin and helps to gently massage in the fast-absorbing, deeply penetrating product without tugging at sensitive under-eye skin. You’ll notice the difference in seconds. 

R500 from www.absoluteskin.co.zawww.shopfomo.com and www.riekiemedaesthetic.co.za 

Exuviance Multi-Protective Day Creme 

During those brutal winter months, your skin needs a little more love to combat things like redness, flakes and all-around discomfort. Luckily, this brilliant day cream with an SPF of 20 is specifically formulated to help restore the skin’s moisture barrier and quench even the driest of complexions. The luscious formula is as thick and rich as they come: If the pleasantly whipped texture doesn’t have you at ‘hello’, the triple threat of gluconolactone, lactobionic acid and vitamin E will seal the deal. Infused with botanicals, it soothes dry skin and helps bolster the skin barrier, making it a top pick when cold, dry weather is wreaking havoc on your complexion. It’s a fail-safe option for anyone whose skin is both dry and sensitive – just don’t forget to top it with sunscreen. Bonus points for the pump-top applicator, which keeps germs from getting into the jar and makes it easy to dispense the perfect amount. 

R625 from www.dermastore.co.za 

REN Rose O12 Moisture Defence Oil 

Dry skin is no match for this rose-scented facial oil that will look luxurious on your vanity. Ideal for those who don’t like the idea of a heavy oil (mark our word, you’ll be converted), the lightweight, non-greasy and immediately absorbent oil imparts a satin effect without any shine. For that, you can thank its garden of ingredients – including 12 nourishing plant oils like rose damascena and seabuckthorn berry – that will leave your skin beaming with a radiant glow. Plus, the aromatic element is beyond worth the price … what could be dreamier? We recommend applying it at night, under your moisturiser. After using a face mist, massage a couple of drops of oil into your face using upward and outward motions to help with lymphatic drainage and trap in extra moisture. You can also mix it into a full-coverage foundation – or apply it to the high points of your cheeks before your base – for a dewy makeup finish. 

R1,150 from Woolworths, Edgars, Foschini, Truworths, ARC Store, Wellness Warehouse, Superbalist and Takealot 

SKNLOGIC Multi Regenerating Masque 

Let’s get serious, who doesn’t love to sleep? Wake up pretty with this stem cell rejuvenating wash-off face mask that can also be used as an overnight mask. Brimming with fig extract and hyaluronic acid, it gives your skin the moisture it needs so you have one less thing to worry about. Other notable ingredients include jojoba seed oil, shea butter, borage oil as well as vitamins C and E, which calm and soothe the skin while also working to heal irritation. Our top tip is to be generous with your application. Right before bed, spread a thick layer onto the skin. Then, after at least 15 minutes, tissue off any excess. Leave the rest of the product to work its magic overnight. The soft, lightweight texture doesn’t leave your skin feeling slick or greasy. For anyone who wants a facial in a tube, pack this pillowy overnight product for a weekend away – it will help you wake up feeling like your best self. 

R305 from www.sknlogic.com 

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