Latest loves: New beauty products that will get you in the mood for spring

What is it about the seasons changing that throws our beauty routines right out of whack? Well, fear not – we get inundated with the latest and greatest beauty offerings every day (alas, that’s our editor’s burden to bear), and we’ve been busy carefully curating an edit of the best new products. Trying to narrow down our favourites can be hard, but we manage. Efficacy meets luxury with these skin, hair and body care products we’re currently obsessing over. Consider them as essential as your big-framed sunglasses, statement necklaces, goddess sandals and structured wicker bag.  

Skin Creamery The Balm 

The best (clean) do-it-all beauty balm 

For us, the hardest part of packing for a trip isn’t choosing which clothes, shoes or handbags to bring. It’s figuring out how to pare down our skincare products. We have this irrational fear that if we’re stuck with only one moisturiser, face mask or heavy body cream, our skin – that’s used to testing a different one every night – will revolt. So, we brought it all to Cape Town for the last week, and guess what? We barely used any of it. Because once we tried this brand-new balm – a luxe face and body moisturiser, lip balm and cuticle cream in one – we were hooked. If ever there were an ultimate slow-beauty product, Skin Creamery’s deeply nourishing and supremely moisturising The Balm would have to be it. Healing, hydrating and luxuriously thick with a blend of oils, butters and plant extracts – this miracle-working, melt-in-your-fingers blue balm is the true opposite of spray-on-sink-in-quick-dry lotions. Rough patches? Salvaged. Dry cuticles? Softened. Split ends? Sealed. The balm’s super-simple natural, organic formula has just five ingredients: Moisturising baobab, prickly pear and marula enriched with protective helichrysum and soothing blue spirulina. The texture of this meltingly fabulous balm is exquisite; the subtle, calming botanical scent is so gorgeous you just want to keep putting it on. If there’s such a thing as a spa in a balm, this is it! It’s an excellent skin protector that genuinely (and immediately) transforms every kind of skin, from dry and sensitive to seriously acne-prone. Our best uses: Swipe it onto the ends of super-frizzy strands, or smooth it onto cracked heels and cover with socks for a deep-moisturising night treatment. But you’ll be tempted to use it on anywhere needing serious indulgence. Now we’re leaving Cape Town with impressively soft skin and the same 7kg of product we came with. 

R325 from, Wellness Warehouse and select Woolworths stores


Redken Acidic Bonding Concentrate range 

A trio that has brought our strands back to life 

Dry ends, straw-like texture and overall lacklustre hair … anyone with chemically treated hair knows the drill. From true platinum and buttery blonde to new trends like toasted coconut and cream soda, having blonde hair is basically a full-time commitment. It’s time to stop hiding the frazzled texture of your hair in a topknot. Instead, quench and strengthen it with Redken’s new lineup of sulphate-free products: The Acidic Bonding Concentrate Shampoo and Conditioner, and Acidic Perfecting Concentrate Leave-In Treatment. Citric acid – an alpha hydroxy acid formulated with an acidic pH to reverse the damaging effects of hair dye, styling tools and even water – is the all-star that makes this range worthy of a spot in your virtual shopping cart. Ideal for bad-hair days and those that love smooth-feeling locks, the shampoo and conditioner are designed to repair broken bonds and restore your sensitised or colour-treated hair to optimum strength and shine. The best part? Your hair won’t ‘get used to it’ and you’ll be able to reap that healthy-looking shine for years to come, making damage a thing of the past. Plus, the metallic pearl packaging will look great in your shower. The leave-in treatment is the stuff of dreams. Similar to other bonding hair treatments, it helps reinforce damaged and weak spots on each hair strand after you bleach or colour treat. For those still on the quest to master the perfect at-home blowout, this cream may help make the journey a lot smoother – literally. It melts into your hair as you blow dry, creating the best natural texture and giving hair the effect of a keratin treatment. As for the scent? It boasts an uplifting citrus scent with top notes of orange and bergamot that leaves hair delicately fragranced. Dreamy. 

R360, R400 and R610 respectively from and all major hair salons

NUXE Body Rêve de Thé range 

Body care products that will have you treating your body like your face 

Silky, smooth skin is the best accessory. You might spend hours pampering your face, but what about the less front-and-centre areas that often go unattended? With that in mind – and NUXE’s new offering, the Body Rêve de Thé range – it’s beyond easy to start a regimented body care routine for a hydrated, radiant body. We truly don’t know how our below-the-neck skin survived before we started slathering it with the Revitalising Granular Scrub, Revitalising Shower Gel, Revitalising Moisturising Milk and Fresh-Feel Deodorant. First of all, the scent of these products is incredible – think crisp and green featuring notes of rhubarb, musk and light wood. But more importantly, they’re packed with 100% green tea extract to help you get all the goodness of the beverage, without actually having to drink it. First, scrub it all away with the body scrub, which will make you feel like a French girl. Unlike sugar-based body scrubs that dissolve within a few moments of use, this buttery cream is laced with bamboo grains to delicately buff away dead skin cells and provide everlasting exfoliation. Then, make your bathroom feel like a spa with the oh-so-luxurious shower gel that’s worthy of the precious real estate in your shower. Designed not to strip skin, this citrus-tinged body wash is as good as the packaging it arrives in. The perfect way to awaken your senses each morning. Follow up with the body milk – a thin, silky lotion that spreads easily and soaks in rapidly – for greater scent longevity. It’s like placing fresh cucumber slices on your entire body, instead of just your eyes. The lightweight formula and bracing scent that lingers in a pleasantly subtle way are that refreshing. And on a warm day, the stain-free, roll-on deodorant that works overtime to combat odour-causing bacteria can feel like heaven. 

R375, R225, R495 and R225 respectively from as well as select Woolworths, Foschini and Truworths stores 

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