Turn back time with Environ’s new wave of anti-ageing solutions

Gravity finds us all, no matter how reasonably devoted you are to self-care, how much green juice you tip back or how diligently you hit the gym. It’s a major downer in more ways than one! The uplifting news is that there’s still a lot we can do to fight back. When used in tandem with the Focus on Filler facial, the brand-new Environ Focus Care Youth+ 3DSynergé Filler Crème goes a long way to lift, smooth and coddle the skin into submission – in a quick and comfortable manner. Our editor took these two latest beauty breakthroughs for a spin. 


Environ Focus on Filler facial – the skin-lifting technology 

The world of aesthetic treatments has come a long way since the days of the frozen look, chipmunk cheeks and bee-stung lips. Doctors such as plastic surgeon Dr Des Fernandes – the founder and scientific director of Environ – have honed a more delicate touch. The result: Futuristic lasers, nimble fillers, resurfacing treatments and the Environ Focus on Filler facial – a quick, effective and painless treatment offering an immediate payoff beyond the reach of skincare alone. This facial, which was developed for people seeking a non-invasive alternative to dermal fillers, promises to flatten frown lines and soften deeper lines in less than 30 minutes. There are facials and then there are facials. Beginning with the Environ Skin EssentiA Dual Action Pre-Cleansing Oil, your therapist will then analyse your skin to understand your skin type and follow with a tailored second cleanser and a toner. This will be followed by the Environ Tri-Complex Dual Effect Filler Serum – a professional serum that contains OptimHyal, a new generation of hyaluronic acid that stimulates the natural production of hyaluronic acid in the skin to optimum levels. With the addition of a small wand and Environ’s Electro-Sonic DF Technology, the serum is slowly massaged in to deliver the active ingredients deep into the skin, leaving it plump and hydrated with a new lease of life. It feels buzzy and a little prickly, but it’s completely painless. If you love high-tech action then you’ll love this! Lastly, a moisturising mask is applied, accompanied by a relaxing arm, shoulder and hand massage. Thirty minutes later, we had to be prised off the facial bed – besides feeling restored, our skin felt soft to the touch, and both frown lines and crow’s feet were definitely less visible. The Environ Focus on Filler facial passes the “OMG-your-skin-looks-amazing” test! While Environ consultants suggest a course of six weekly or biweekly treatments to achieve a natural alternative to injectables, we also recommend this facial to help skin look and feel its best ahead of an important event. 

View the DF Expert salons that offer this treatment here  

Environ Focus Care Youth+ 3DSynergé Filler Crème – the liquid asset 

The quest for the fountain of youth has been an age-old one, but sometimes you come across a hero product that has an instant, exceptional effect on the skin. Environ’s brand-new Focus Care Youth+ 3DSynergé Filler Crème is one of those finds. The buttercream formula (that’s still lightweight enough to layer under moisturiser) is loaded with hyaluronic acid-stimulating ingredients, in symphony with smart peptide technology and phytoantioxidant key ingredients. As such, this cream helps to actually support your features, offering up subtle refreshment and a new suppleness to your skin with continued used. It’s also the ideal prep step pre-makeup, thanks to a smooth finish. No injections required! Whether you have a multi-step skincare routine or take a more stripped-back approach, we recommend the Environ Focus Care Youth+ 3DSynergé Filler Crème for a real boost. It’s like a magic trick, only it’s very real – backed by seven years of scientific research and 45 million reviewed hexapeptides. We can’t get enough. 

R1,195 from select salons

* This post was kindly sponsored by Environ.

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