Summer’s star facials: Holiday-ready skin starts here

It takes more than warmer temperatures to create a pre-summer glow. Whether you’re after a facial that calms, hydrates, rejuvenates or makes your skin glow as if it’s exuding the very essence of summer, the downside of having so many types is working out which will best suit your skin. From sessions that include steams, extractions and masks to shots of probiotics and lifting gua sha massages – we’ve done the hard (okay fine, very enjoyable) work for you. In the name of research, here are our top treatments to jumpstart your best skin yet this season. 

The probiotic fix 

There are good facials, and then there are beyond-brilliant treatments like the Esse Live Probiotic Experience. For skin, probiotics work in a similar way as miracle tonic kombucha does for the digestive system. They’re beneficial for the skin microbiome and can aid all skin types, but especially those with acne, rosacea and eczema. This totally season-appropriate facial is designed as a full mind and body experience. It starts after your facialist quizzes you on your skin history, current skincare routine and what you’re trying to achieve in your appointment. From there, they prep your skin with a thorough double cleanse and gentle exfoliation. You’re then treated to a slow anti-inflammatory facial massage before a spot of live probiotics (the Esse Probiotic Ampoule contains five billion live lactobacillus probiotics) and the Esse Exclusion Mask that creates an anaerobic environment, so that there’s no oxygen between the mask and the skin. While the mask works its magic, you get a scalp, hand or foot massage. That’s capped off with aromatherapy, clearing breathing exercises and a healing jade stone that’s gently glided over the skin. What’s more, your facialist will employ your most-loved Esse products in your bespoke treatment, making at-home upkeep significantly easier. The remedy is perfect for all skin types and uses only organic, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients – as is the brand’s ethos. 

Cost: R950 

Book: Visit to find your nearest Esse-affiliated salon or spa. 

The rehab 

Between social events and an endless to-do list, it’s no secret that summer can be stress-inducing. For sensitive and sensitised skin, the 60-minute Dermalogica Pro Calm is made to immediately soothe distressed skin. It’s become the industry standard for maintaining a healthy complexion – and for good reason. The session starts with Dermalogica’s Face Mapping skin analysis, which allows your therapist to understand your skin’s condition. They’ll then treat your skin accordingly and offer tailored advice for at-home maintenance. After cleansing with cold water, the therapist resurfaces your skin with the Dermalogica Daily Milkfoliant – a milky powder exfoliant – leaving it baby-smooth and super-supple. Next, they clear out the pores with a combination of steam and the gentlest, can-barely-feel-them extractions. For an added boost, an ultrasonic facial machine is used to infuse the Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum Concentrate deep below the surface of the skin. The high-level sound wave technology breaks the serum into nanoparticles to help it penetrate the skin deeper. Finally, it ends with a calming mask and a moisturiser that strengthens the skin barrier and offers a plush layer of hydration. The results go beyond calming inflammation and imparting glow, though your skin will demonstrate both right away. Treating rosacea, dry skin, acne scars and fine lines, it’s truly an impressive all-rounder. 

Cost: R875 

Book: Dermalogica inside Woolworths Sandton City or your nearest Dermalogica Concept Store. 

The photo finish 

Your ticket to red carpet skin! Combine poolside sunbathing with free-flow champagne and late nights, and you may have noticed that your skin has taken quite a beating over the past few weeks. Fret not – the addictive Lamelle Lacti-Firm Peel will nourish your skin back into luminous shape. As intimidating as the name seems, your skin doesn’t physically peel the way it would if you booked a traditional chemical peel. In fact, with this lactic acid-based peel – a type of alpha-hydroxy acid (fruit acid) derived from lactose (milk) – the skin remains hydrated while the top layer of dead skin cells is sloughed away. The gentle peel is left on for five minutes (any tingles are hardly noticeable thanks to a wonderfully soothing massage while you wait) before the Lamelle Dermaheal Growth Factor Sheet Mask soothes and hydrates the skin within 10 minutes. Post-facial, expect to emerge immensely relaxed. A glance in the mirror confirms what you already suspect: Skin feels incredibly soft to the touch with a noticeable reduction in fine lines and blemishes. The lasting benefits of clearer, plumper skin and a mega-watt glow keep developing over time. The dream. Whether you’re new to the brand or are a loyal fan looking for a treat, this is a must-try. A session takes 60 minutes and includes Lamelle’s Cathepzyme exfoliation system, a facial pressure points massage as well as an optional brow shape and tint. 

Cost: R750 

Book: SCINMed in Hyde Park Corner or Wembley Square, or contact to find your nearest Lamelle-affiliated salon or clinic. 

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